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November 26th, 2006@8:49pm ]

Okay so i decided today in the car what i want to do with my future.

So I graduate in a year.
im so excited.
I want to go to college and take course's for Cosmotlogy and get my license and maybe open a business or something. & while im working on that, i want to go to an Art Institute for Photography in Chicago.

Im scared, yes. i dont want to get involved in alot of things, and let me photography slip. Im intrested in it more than i am in Cosmotlogy, but I know i would be really good at both.

Im intrested in hair nails and makeup. [well .. isnt every girl]
but i have experience in hair. I dye it almost every month :D

I cant wait to see what the future does to my life, and what i'll accomplish.

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headlights [Sunday
November 26th, 2006@5:58pm ]

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MOD/who does activities while bored. YAYY [Saturday
November 25th, 2006@3:13pm ]

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November 11th, 2006@11:51am ]

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